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Kevin Rudd has revealed it may be possible to reverse the decision to drop the Single Parents Payment, as “budget circumstances” permit, and that he will seek a review if he survives the election as Prime Minister.  The decision by Gillard to drop the payment wasn’t popular with all Ministers, with some having spoken out against it.

“Can I say that the lot of all folks out there who are doing it tough is of deep and continuing concern to me,” Mr Rudd said.

“I have long believed that as our budgetary circumstances permit we need to provide more support (for single parents).

“It’s tough and there have been many, many long and internal discussions about this. It’s been a very difficult set of decisions, but I understand just how important it is to be providing support to all such folks.”

It would be premature to call this an election promise, since the move has not been costed in budget projections and depends on there being a healthy budget sometime soon after the election.  Nevertheless Rudd’s statements will be something that can be used by lobbyists to keep up the pressure for these changes at a later date if Labor are successful at the polls.

[note: this article has been edited to improve accuracy – at 11:11:29 pm, Sept 2]

Kevin Rudd

Kevin Rudd. Photo by Eva Rinaldi